Here at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, we know that dependability is essential. Our founder, Major Gary Robertson, started this business after retiring from the Army. His love of trees led him down a path that made the company what it is today- a dedicated tree service with exceptional customer service. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who will find the most eco-friendly way to solve your tree care needs.


What Do Local Tree Services Do?

If you have a dead, dying, or sick tree, we’re here to help. Our tree removal services include the most environmentally-friendly solutions to the ecosystems that surround your home. Our team of professionals are trained in the safest and most reliable processes. Some of your local tree services may leave a stump after cutting down your tree. Not us. We will remove the stump along with the tree, and grind it up into chips that can be used as mulch for new trees and plants.

Sometimes there is no need for tree removal, only trimming. Our team is experts in the complexities of tree trimming, and will ensure that each cut made is promoting a healthy life for your tree. There are many beneficial reasons for tree trimming. Whether it’s for aesthetic or preventive reasons, our tree trimmers are here to help you.


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Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts have the tools needed to provide maintenance for your trees and keep them healthy and happy. We are Georgia’s #1 tree company, and are comprised of a team of experts that are trained to solve your tree needs. Your most trusted Dahlonega tree removal services are just a phone call away. Call us today at (770) 512-8733 for a FREE CONSULTATION.