Yellow Ribbon Provides Atlanta Storm Damage and Disaster RecoveryThe late summer months can be particularly harsh on Atlanta trees and shrubs. As the temperature cools and the weather becomes a bit more unpredictable, the important landscape pieces are not always equipped to handle the stresses that come with the transition into winter. Because of this, it is incredibly important to address any storm damage to your trees before they become a potential danger to yourself or others.

Storm Damage and Disaster Recovery in Atlanta

One of the most common weather-related injuries to domestic trees is downed limbs. Whether they are separated completely from the main body of the tree or are simply left hanging off, they pose a liability that should not be ignored.

A common mistake many people make when dealing with a downed tree limb is thinking that they can simply drag it off into the woods on their own. The reality of the situation is that large branches can weigh hundreds of pounds and need to be disposed of by trained professionals.

The arborists at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts are the ideal choice for such a job. Whether it is uprooting an entire tree or hauling off dead branches, Gary Robertson and his team have the muscle and the know-how to tackle even the biggest foliage landscaping jobs.

Another common occurrence as storm season kicks into gear is lightning strikes. Lightning can be potentially devastating to trees, especially ones in open areas such as yards. At the very least, strikes can cause severe splintering that leaves a tree in need of trimming to ensure both its health and your safety.

This too is an undertaking well suited for Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. With extensive experience pruning even the largest trees, Gary and team are equipped to handle jobs both aesthetic and practical in nature.

Yellow Ribbon Takes Care of Dead Tree Removal in Atlanta

In the most serious cases of tree damage, dead trunks or stumps may need to be hauled off of your property. This sort of job requires not only a professional touch, but oftentimes heavy machinery as well. It also needs to be approached with care so as to avoid injury and irreversible property damage.

Tree removal is a daunting task, and often an unfortunate one. But when it becomes necessary, the professionals at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts have the knowledge and mechanical infrastructure to get the job done.

From simple trim jobs to the complete removal of dead trees, it is important to remember that no task is too small for a professional touch. It could be the difference between safety and disaster, and Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts are the perfect contractors to help you on the path to storm damage recovery in Atlanta.