Winter Weather Tree TrimmingTrees naturally adapt to seasonal changes, but taking a few precautionary measures leading up to the winter months can help them better weather the storm and ensure that they are healthy going into the warmer months that follow. Check out some of these winter weather tree preparation tips to keep your trees happy and healthy through the colder months.

Winter Weather Tree Preparation Tips

Dormant Pruning

Pruning your trees during the fall and winter months is an important step in keeping your trees healthy throughout the year. Trees stop growing during the colder months, so it is the best time to prune them. A professional arborist can diagnose a tree’s health and prune more precisely when leaves are gone and the dormant buds are visible. Dormant pruning also allows an arborist to see how the tree will hold up during heavy winds or snow accumulation by assessing it without its leaves.

Limb Management

Before extreme weather hits, you should have your tree limbs and branches inspected to avoid eventual breaks during the winter months. Trees that are located near sidewalks, driveways, decks or your home can be checked to make sure they are sturdy enough to handle heavy winds and snow accumulation. Cables and braces can be installed in trees to give added support and prevent large, overhanging limbs from becoming weak and breaking after wind, snow or ice storms. Dead and diseased branches should also be removed.

Winter Warnings

If you have pruned your trees properly and shored up heavy limbs with cabling, the risk of cracks or breaks is significantly reduced. However, heavy snow and ice accumulation can still create the potential for falling branches or damage. While you may be tempted to shake off branches that are bowing from snow and ice, it is recommended that you leave them alone. Cold weather can make branches brittle and the shaking may cause them to crack. Also, resist the urge to prune undamaged limbs that are bowing because healthy branches will correct themselves as spring approaches.

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