winter tree trimming

The winter is a wonderful time for many things. After Atlanta’s hot and humid summer, followed by a short but beautiful fall, when winter approaches, all we want are cozy nights by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate. While we hope for snow, a sunny day with milder temperatures is always nice during months of freezing weather. These conditions are perfect for completing outside projects and yardwork. One task you won’t want to miss this winter is tree trimming.

Why You Should Trim Your Trees

Tree trimming keeps trees healthy and strong. By removing dead or troublesome branches, you allow more room for your trees to grow, and for the tree’s main branches to become stronger. It’s important for your trees to remain strong and steady throughout the year, so they can survive the famous, yet sometimes dangerous Atlanta weather. With thunder, snow, and ice storms and the occasional hurricane, tree health plays an imperative role in keeping your home, loved ones, and belongings safe. Should you have a tree fall in your yard, you should call a tree removal specialist for storm damage and disaster recovery.

In addition, tree trimming is useful for aesthetic purposes or when you need more room in your yard. Tree trimming can be done anytime of the year, but you risk major consequences when trimming in the summer or fall. Winter is the best time to perform tree trimming.

Why Trimming Should Be Done In The Winter

  1. Easier For You – After all of the tree’s leaves have fallen, it will be much easier to see which tree limbs need to be removed. You will also have easier access to the branches to remove them. You may be able to remove smaller limbs on your own with tree pruners. However, do not attempt to remove larger branches by yourself. Tree trimming is dangerous and often requires professional experience.
  2. Easier For The Tree – With the cold and dry weather conditions, trees are able to handle cuts easier in the winter. These open wounds heal faster, and in result, spread less disease. Trimming trees in the fall will attract insects, leading to harmful infections. If you are worried your tree may be unhealthy, contact a tree expert for advice. Unhealthy trees often die and collapse without warning.
  3. Encourages Spring Growth – By removing dead and unhealthy branches, your tree will have more room to grow healthy and strong limbs in its place. Winter tree trimming allows your trees to grow healthy in the spring, ready to take on the rest of the year. After the snow soaks into the ground and the weather warms up, your trees will display beautiful spring blooms, making your yard the best in the neighborhood.

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