Winter Weather Tree TrimmingSpring and fall are the most popular times of year to perform tree maintenance, but is winter actually the secret season of tree trimming? There are plenty of very good reasons to have your trees trimmed in winter – early winter – and your friends at Yellow Ribbon Tree are pointing out just a few:

Winter Pruning Protects the Tree

Depending on what kind of tree you’re working with, trimming it before it gets too cold outside can actually help it regrow quickly in the Spring. Most homeowners don’t realize deciduous trees go dormant in the wintertime making it a perfect season to prune. Once the foliage is gone off your trees, it’s also much easier to get the desired look you want since its branches are more visible.

Remove Risk Before it Ices

Here in the Atlanta area, we don’t get too much harsh “winter weather,” but we’re prone to an ice storm or two every year! These can be disastrous for your trees. To prevent costly, dangerous branches from falling under the weight of ice, trimming before the weather turns bad is your best course of action.

Trimmers are Less Busy

Precisely because it’s the slow season, tree trimmers in Atlanta will often more ably accommodate your schedule when you choose to get service in wintertime. You’re likely to be able to pick the day and time you’d like your service to take place, and you may even receive extra personalized attention!

Remove Limbs Before They Fall

Winter weather involves both precipitation and wind. These effects can cause branches and limbs that are caught in the upper canopy of your tree to come crashing down: on your car, your house, or on a person. Winter is a great time to clear your canopy of clutter.

Let in Light

Another unfortunate aspect of wintertime is a lack of natural light. The days are shorter, the sun less strong; but trimming your tree can actually help let more light in. Canopy thinning is useful in stopping the upward growth of a tree if desired, but also in letting more air and natural light through its branches. This can help illuminate your home and yard and might even help the sun keep your house warmer, improving your energy bills.


Want to find out more about having your tree pruned in winter? The Atlanta arborists at Yellow Ribbon Tree are specialists in all-season tree trimming, pruning, and thinning. Give our team of talented professionals a call today for a great deal on winter tree trimming.

Don’t wait! The time to trim is now.