winter tree pruning

With the colder months approaching, it’s important to pay attention to our trees. There are many things Atlanta tree owners can do to protect their trees from brutal weather conditions, keeping their trees healthy and strong. Unhealthy trees often pose dangerous threats during winter snow and ice storms. We must think about the tree’s root system, trunk, and branches. Every part of the tree plays a vital role in its survival.

Some winter tree care tips include mulching, wrapping, and pruning.

  1. Mulching Trees for Winter

After the first winter freeze, place mulch around the trunk of your tree. Make sure to leave a little room around the tree trunk and to mulch the whole area under the tree’s canopy. This ensures the tree trunk is not irritated and that the root system receives the full benefits from mulch. Mulch is used to maintain favorable soil temperatures and water/moisture levels perfect for a healthy root system. Mulch helps insulate the tree’s roots from freezing winter temperatures and keeps an adequate amount of water supply nearby. If a tree becomes dehydrated or weak, it can fall on your home, vehicle, or yard.

  1. Tree Wrapping

Another common winter tree care tip is tree wrapping. This technique uses tree guards or protective tree wrap to protect the tree’s trunk. Like root systems, strong tree trunks are essential for tree health. Tree wrapping is very important for young and developing trees that are less than 2 years old. This method prevents rabbits, deer & other animals from chewing on the tree’s bark. In addition, it protects trees from sunscald, a dangerous condition caused by the cold temperatures at night and the sun thawing trees during day. Keep your tree’s trunk healthy and warm by using tree wrapping.

  1. Winter Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is also very popular in Atlanta during the winter. This is because without its leaves, it is very easy to see tree branches and decide which ones need pruning. The colder temperatures spread less disease to the tree’s open “wounds” that occur when cutting tree limbs. By removing dead or harmful branches, the tree has more room to grow in the spring. This usually results in bigger and more beautiful spring blooms.

  1. Dead Tree Removal

The winter is also a good time to find and remove dead trees. Once all the trees in your yard have lost their leaves, it’s easier to spot dead or dying trees. Do not try to remove a tree on your own, as this can be very dangerous. Instead, hire a professional tree removal company. Tree removal experts will be able to answer your tree-related questions and protect your home and other belongings from tree damage.


Other Helpful Winter Tree Care Tips

Some other helpful tips for winter tree care include not using rock salt around trees. While this helps melt ice and snow in your driveway, it interferes with a tree’s ability to absorb water, oxygen & other nutrients through its roots. You will also want to pay extra attention to young trees, because they are more prone to damage during the winter.

If you need help pruning your trees or have dead trees you would like removed, contact Yellow Ribbon Tree, Atlanta’s tree trimming and removal experts. With over ten years of experience, our certified team protects homes and loved ones from tree damage. Call today for a free estimate. 770-512-8733