In all our years as an Alpharetta tree service company, we have been asked many questions regarding the best way to take care of different kinds of trees. One common question voiced by many of our customers concerns the best time to prune trees. Before we can even tackle that issue, it’s important to know why pruning is necessary in the first place.

Why Prune Your Trees?

Pruning is a way of controlling or directing the growth of a plant. It’s an efficient way to remove dead or dying branches, branch stubs and branches that rub together. Pruning also encourages flower and fruit growth.

Sometimes you need to prune trees and shrubbery for safety reasons, such as when branches block either driver and pedestrian vision at busy intersections. Security experts also often suggest pruning tree branches that obscure vital entryways to your house.

Pruning keeps trees and shrubs well proportioned and lush. Well-pruned plants are healthier looking and more attractive and appealing.

When Is the Best Time To Prune?

The late dormant season (toward the end of winter) is typically the ideal time to prune most plants. Pruning at this time of the year means any fresh wounds (resulting from the pruning) are exposed to the elements for only a brief period of time before new growth begins in early spring. New plant growth helps seal the cuts and hastens the healing of the tree.

Pruning during the plant’s dormant season also lets you see the branch structure clearly since there are no leaves on them to obstruct your view. Many insects are inactive during winter so pruning trees at this time also decreases the likelihood of the fresh wounds being attacked or infected by these destructive pests.

Some trees (such as maples, butternut, walnut, birches and blue beech) “bleed” after a late winter pruning. This free-flowing sap usually does not pose any real threat to the trees. However, to avoid bleeding, these types of trees can be pruned in the late spring or even early summer when their leaves are fully expanded.

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