Healthy trees are often majestic and towering, and it’s easy to think they don’t need much human intervention to simply continue being the awesome living things that they seem to be. But trees do need our care and attention in order to stay healthy and strong.

In our many years of providing reliable Alpharetta tree service, we have helped hundreds of clients take care of thousands of trees. Pruning or trimming trees during winter is one way to keep the trees in your property in good health.

Bring Out the True Shape of the Tree

Deciduous trees shed their leaves during the fall season, so come winter, it’s easy to see their natural shape. If you want to follow the true shape of the tree, simply trim the branches that are growing in the opposing direction. Keep in mind, however, that you should avoid pruning more than 25 percent of the branches of a healthy tree. Prune even less if your trees are deceased, injured or old.

Clear Dead Wood and Competing Branches

Some trees, such as flowering dogwoods and weeping cherries, tend to grow branches in several directions. Winter is a good time to eliminate the branches that are not growing in the direction that you wish the tree to take. Remove any branches growing toward the interior of the tree that have been starved of sunlight throughout the year. They do not (and will not) add anything to the life and health of the tree, so you should simply get rid of them.

Avoid Infections

Most insects are dormant during winter. Pruning your trees in the wintertime significantly limits their exposure to opportunistic pests and parasites. However, try to avoid pruning when the temperature falls below the freezing point. The wood will be brittle and may shatter when you start cutting.

Keep in mind that not all trees are suitable for winter pruning. Trees such as maple, elm and birch are better being trimmed in the summertime when it’s much easier to contain their sap.

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