Why You Should Keep Your Trees PrunedIf you have trees and shrubbery on your property, you should know why to keep them properly pruned. It’s important to take care of the flora and keep your landscaping healthy and looking kempt. Your plants and your neighbors will thank you. Read on to learn more about why it’s a good idea to keep your Atlanta trees pruned.

Safety Concerns

Your electric company will often trim trees that grow underneath or near power lines to prevent them from causing power outages in a storm. Branches should also be pruned to prevent them from falling on pedestrians, cars and your roof during strong storms.Trees should also be pruned so they don’t block the line of sight on a road or driveway and cause accidents. Atlanta arborists are experienced professionals that can judge which limbs need pruning to keep people and property safe for you.

Tree Health

Trees need an annual inspection for diseases. All dead, diseased or broken limbs need to be removed to have a healthy tree. Dead and diseased limbs pull needed nutrients and water from the healthy portion of your tree, thereby crippling the growth of the tree overall. Pruning these limbs prevents disease and pests from engulfing your entire tree, which can lead it to die in its entirety. Removal of the limbs promotes new, healthy growth for a beautiful landscape. Tree pruning services in Atlanta can help save your trees.

Aesthetic Pruning

Trees may grow in a desired shape with just a little bit of pruning. If a tree is not pruned regularly, it can overgrow its space, provide too much shade underneath it and cause smaller plants to die from lack of sunshine, water and nutrients. Removing undesirable growth includes pruning weak, overcrowded limbs or limbs that cross over one another, which can rub each other and attract pests or cause damage to the limbs. Tree pruning specialists in Atlanta can access your trees and shrubs and advise you on pruning procedures for your landscape.

Flowering and Fruiting

Trees with flowers and fruits benefit from pruning after the current year’s flowers fade or fruit clusters are no longer forming. This helps to promote more flowers and fruits for the next year.

Preferable Pruning Time

Prune trees and shrubs that flower before the last part of June immediately after the flowering ceases. This allows new growth on the current year’s wood to promote blooms for the next year.

Trees and shrubs that flower after June need pruning in the early spring or fall for flower buds in the early spring of next year.

Some plants benefit from pruning lightly twice a season. Each type of tree or shrub has its own precise pruning schedule. Contact us at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts to discuss all of your tree and shrub pruning requirements.