Are trees a good investmentDespite the rewarding feeling of owning a home, it can sometimes feel like having a second job. Between routine maintenance and surprise repairs, you always need to be on your guard. After all, your home is your biggest investment, and you want your investment to grow. When you’re thinking about your property value, don’t forget to look outside your home too. There’s lots of potential to increase your home’s value in your trees and shrubs.

How Trees Reduce Your Utility Bills

Trees are more than ornaments for your landscaping — they also create value and save money. For instance, a well-placed, healthy tree can have the cooling equivalent of ten large AC units. Trees are also good insulators, and can save you money on heating bills. If you’re thoughtful in your landscaping efforts, you’ll be rewarded over time with both a beautiful yard and affordable heating and cooling bills.

Trees and Your Curb Appeal

Even if you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon, it’s always smart to plan ahead. Beautiful, mature trees add tremendous value to your home because they boost your curb appeal. Consider planting trees and hedges around your property line and in other strategic locations on your property to enhance the visual appeal and also provide shade during the summer months. The location, age, and species of trees are all important factors to consider when assessing your property value.

Plant Trees Where You’ll Enjoy Them

Similar to real estate, much of the value from trees come down to three rules: location, location, location. A tree on the west side of your home will provide better cooling than on the east. Additionally, planting trees along your property line will add a level of privacy that is much more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional fence.

Atlanta Tree Specialists

Keeping your trees and hedges properly trimmed will make them live longer and keep them healthier. Knowing when to remove mature trees, and what to replace them with is just another part of the job of homeowner. But like any investment, if you pay attention to it, and make informed decisions, you’ll grow your value. If you have any questions about how the trees on your property are affecting your value, we’re experts. Contact us for a consultation and free estimate for tree services.