While trees and shrubs are near permanent fixtures in our yard, even they have a circle of life. When is the best time to plant? When to remove? Yellow Ribbon, your trusted Atlanta tree service, has the answers.

When to Plant Trees and Shrubs

Ideally, trees and shrubs should be planted in the spring in the Atlanta area. For best results, plant early in the season to give the roots time to get established for summer’s high temperatures arrive.

  • Bare root trees: These trees arrive with no soil covering their bare roots. The key to successful planting here is to time their delivery in the spring after the chance of frost has passed. These trees must be planted immediately to preserve their health.
  • Container trees: These trees have been grown in soil and are delivered in a container or a burlap bag. Because the roots are protected, immediate planting isn’t as crucial. Get these trees into the soil in the spring giving the roots time to get established before summer’s heat arrives.
  • Evergreens and Confers: Both of these remain green throughout the winter. Planting them in the spring gives them plenty of time to get established before winter’s cold temperatures arrive.
  • Transplants: When moving a tree to a new location, you want to time it so the move takes place after the ground has thoroughly warmed but before the tree buds.

How to Preserve the Health of Your Existing Trees

Once trees are established, they are nearly worry-free but do require some annual care to maintain optimal health and beauty. Scheduling an annual evaluation with Yellow Ribbon, your local tree service Atlanta experts, can lengthen the life of your trees. We will look for problem areas such as dead limbs, overgrowth, and disease. We can make recommendations for trimming to avoid damage to trees, buildings, and power lines before summer’s powerful storms arrive.

When to Remove Trees and Shrubs

Because trees and shrubs are living organisms, eventually they will reach the end of their lives. If a tree appears dead or diseased, it may be beyond saving. Our experts can recommend appropriate care to possibly save the tree or arrange for its safe removal to make way for new plantings.

For a wide variety of tree services including shrub and tree removal and tree trimming, or simple springtime care advice, contact the professionals at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts.