The term “April showers” is often a vast overstatement for the type of weather that can come in the spring. High winds often accompany the big rainstorms that herald the change of seasons. These winds can cause a huge amount of damage by blowing weakened tree limbs down onto houses and cars. Even when fallen limbs don’t directly harm anything, they make a huge mess that can cover an entire yard.

Fortunately, Yellow Ribbon Tree Removal Service Atlanta can help with this problem. Here are some of the ways we’ll do this:

Before the Storms Begin

The best way to deal with storm damage is to stop it from ever happening. Call us before the stormy season hits to have us come out and check your trees for weak limbs, splits, weak root systems, and other signs of impending disaster. When we find a problem limb or tree, we’ll point it out and tell you what we’ll need to do to make sure it doesn’t become a hazard. In many cases, we can make a tree safe simply by removing dying or previously-damaged limbs. We can also handle full removal of trees that are dying, dead, or leaning dangerously.

After Limbs Fall

Despite your best intentions, you may find that the storms have come before you’ve pre-emptively removed weak limbs from the trees on your property. You may also find that limbs have fallen onto your land from your neighbor’s trees. Either way, we’ll make short work of these fallen branches.

When you call us for fallen limb removal, we’ll send out a crew with chainsaws and an industrial-sized wood chipper to clear them out in short order. Thanks to our crew, we’ll have the job done within a day or two after we start.

Whether you want to prevent limbs from coming down on their own or you want to get your yard back after a big branch has fallen across it, give us a call. We’ll be glad to help you get rid of any problem tree material right away.