Floods in Houston, storms on the East Coast — bad weather happens in the Summer. Even your run of the mill thunderstorm can damage your beautiful trees with lightning strikes or high winds. How can you best be prepared for Mother Nature’s yearly fury? And what can you do after they occur to stay safe? Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, your Atlanta tree removal professionals, are here to help.

Before the Storm

Properly trimmed and maintained trees can weather the storm much better than a tree that has been left unpruned. Trees that have received routine care generally have stronger branches that can hold up to high winds better. With regular expert maintenance, the strongest branches are routinely left to grow while the weaker ones are pruned away to increase the long-term viability of your beautiful trees.

After the Storm

After a particularly strong storm and periodically throughout the summer, take a stroll around your yard. If you have large broken branches hanging in the trees or notice that the tree has been harmed in a significant way, give us a call. When injured, trees that are trimmed by a professional tree service, like Yellow Ribbon, have a better rate of survival. After sustaining storm damage, trees should be trimmed in a way that reduces the amount of woody pulp that is exposed to the air which is like an open invitation to pathogens and pests to further inflict damage. Even if the branch breaks free of the tree entirely, a professional should still examine the tree. Short sections of the branch still on the tree should be trimmed professionally to avoid having a dead stub which invites fungi and insects.

Keep in mind that trees that have sustained major damage need immediate emergency service. Storms can cause trees to split, fall or be uprooted causing subsequent property damage to other trees, cars and even homes. To minimize the damage, immediate professional removal is necessary. Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts are here for your regular maintenance or storm emergency needs.