As you look for shade trees to plant in your yard, keep in mind the kind of shade you want as well as whether the tree is a fast- or slow-growing variety. Depending on the look you want for your yard, one of these trees may fit your needs. A tree service in Atlanta can help you to find and plant shade trees that meet your needs. Call the Yellow Ribbon Tree experts for advice.

Nuttall Oak

Also called a pin oak or red oak, this tree grows quickly, giving you welcome shade in summer months. If you want to attract wildlife to your yard, this tree drops acorns, which squirrels, turkeys and deer will pick up.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

This tree sports ruby-red leaves as it blooms. While it isn’t a tall tree, its leaves begin growing fairly close to the ground, meaning it spreads welcome shade.

Western Sycamore

This tree is ideal for the southern California region. It grows to huge and high proportions, giving shade to your front or back yards. The roots of this tree grow deep, allowing it to find water close by. Expect it to grow several feet in one year.

Hybrid Poplar

This fast-growing tree achieves growth rates of 8 feet annually. When it is about 40 to 50 feet high, it reaches full maturity. If you need a cottonless variety, ask for the Populus deltoides x Populous nigra variety.

River Birch

This variety has leaves that become yellow in the fall months. In addition, as the leaves fall, its unique bark becomes an attractive feature.

Coast Live Oak

This tree grows quickly in its early years and can reach 50 to 70 feet in height. Its branch spread will be about as wide.

Weeping Willow

This tree is a fast grower as well. Expect it to grow 3 to 8 feet each year, especially if you plant it near a water source. Ask a tree service atlanta about the best variety if you live in the Deep South. If you live in a drier climate, seek a dry-climate hybrid.

Forest Pansy

This tree is ideal if you want it to grow throughout all four seasons. Its colored leaves provide a wonderful focal interest in your yard.


This tree doesn’t grow as fast as other varieties, but it will still add a few feet of growth per year. Look for purple blooms that resemble dangling bells.

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