If you are concerned about the well-being of your trees, our Atlanta tree removal experts want you to know the signs that your trees are preparing for Spring. Fall and Winter change most trees in a drastic way, and new life and growth then flourish in the spring and summer. 

Checking on Your Trees

While your trees are waking from their sleepy and dormant stage, you will notice that they will have new buds. Sometimes, your trees may start to bloom with flowers you have never seen before. These new flowers and buds actually began their growing process in the summer. In some cases, the new sprouts of a tree can be zapped and terminated if there is an unseasonably warm snap with you weather, followed by more freezing and cold temperatures. Thankfully, most trees are conditioned to wait until the timing is right to begin their new, visible growth.

Another springtime change for trees is that the days are longer. This makes warmth more abundant, pollinators come out to do their jobs and gardeners come out to tend to their gardens. All trees grow taller, and different types of trees experience different kinds of growth. For example, deciduous trees will sprout new leaves again, while a conifer will grow all new sprouts.

During the springtime, trees will go through their reproduction phases. Tree roots are springing into new life and allowing water and nutrients to flow through. When this happens, water mixes with the tree’s simple sugars as a direct result of photosynthesis. Sap will flow through the trees and flowers will bloom. Our Atlanta tree company pros note that all of this activity causes the tree to grow.

Remember that just because your trees bloomed early last year, doesn’t mean the same will be true for this year. The weather varies from year to year, so if you trees blossom early, it does not mean that they are doomed to die. It may just be that springtime has decided to make an earlier debut!

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