Many of us take Mother Nature for granted every day. Mass commercial development, pollution and a rapid increase in logging activities has placed great strain on the planet and its natural resources. A lot of people forget that without trees, the Earth’s oxygen levels would be depleted. Trust Georgia’s top tree service company — by just planting one, you are making a significant contribution to the environment.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem and need to be protected at all costs. The ozone layer is being depleted more and more each day, and the heat from the Sun is trapped by enormous global CO2 emissions. Since trees naturally absorb this chemical and convert into oxygen, it makes sense to keep them intact. A single acre of trees can eliminate the amount of CO2 that would be produced by driving a vehicle 26,000 miles and can produce the oxygen that 18 people need to survive.

Benefits to Your Wallet

The shade coverage provided by trees has helped reduce residential and commercial cooling costs by up to 50 percent in some cases. Why waste money and harm the environment by cranking up your air conditioner when strategic tree planting is all it takes?

You have probably become accustomed to watering your lawn on a hot summer day, but the shade trees provide in your yard will also work to slow down soil evaporation rates. Less watering ultimately means more money in your pocket!

The eco-friendly aspects of trees are quite clear. Less water and energy expenditure means less power plant usage and lower amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. If you have any questions whatsoever about our removal services, do not hesitate to call. We strongly encourage you to plant at least one tree per year, and spread the word about the benefits of trees to your friends and family!