tree wateringHave you ever wondered how often you should water your trees? Maybe some of the trees in your yard are very green and leafy while others struggle to stay healthy. This is probably because of the tree’s water intake. This is a factor we often overlook, because we assume natural rainfall will take care of watering our trees, but unfortunately, in Atlanta, most of the time it’s not.

It is important to keep your trees watered and healthy, especially the ones located close to your house. If a tree or even part of a tree starts to die, it can fall on top your home or car, costing you lots of money and risk loved ones’ lives.

The most important parts of a tree are the parts we don’t see—the roots. The roots are what hold the tree into the ground and keep it stable during Georgia’s famous rain and snow storms. The only way to keep tree roots healthy is to use proper watering techniques. Watering schedules are different for new and established trees and will also change during seasonal droughts.

Tree Watering Schedule for New Trees

New trees are those that are two years or younger. Because they are still growing, these young trees need more water than older trees. New tree roots are basically a ball under the trunk during the first few months. After several months, the tree roots will expand underneath the tree’s canopy. New trees will need to be watered around three times a week during Atlanta’s hot and dry months. If you have just purchased a tree that came in a container, it will need more water than others because container plants dry out faster.

Tree Watering Schedule for Established Trees

After two years when a tree has established its roots, its watering schedule will become less demanding. The roots will now have expanded 12-18 inches deep and cover areas under its canopy. Although usual rainfall may be enough water for your trees, it is always important to check the surrounding soil’s moisture to see if your tree needs water. The best way to do this is to stick an 8-inch screwdriver into to the ground. If it slides in easily, the soil is fine, but if it is difficult to do and the ground feels tough, it is time to water.

When watering established trees, you should try to water the soil 10 inches deep. Use the screwdriver test when watering to make sure you have soaked the ground deep enough. Use a garden hose or soaker hose for an hour at a time and then check the soil’s moisture level. Make sure not to water the area directly around the tree’s trunk to prevent rotting.

Tree Watering During Droughts

You may be more inclined to water your grass before your trees during a drought, however it is important that you do the opposite. A dead tree is more dangerous than dead grass, and will take years to replace. A new lawn is an easy fix. To save you the most money during a drought, do not use a sprinkler and do not water during hot parts of the day. Most of the water from sprinklers evaporates anyway, and water will evaporate faster during 10am-6pm when the air is hottest.

Instead, use a garden hose or a soaker hose that will help water penetrate deep into the soil. Mulch will also save you money by containing water and moisture in the tree’s soil. Again, use the screwdriver test to make sure your trees are receiving enough water. Don’t forget to give your newer trees more attention. Generally, water for an hour at a time, moving the hose occasionally to cover different parts of the soil under the canopy. A spiral soaker hose is probably the best option for tree watering, because it encircles the tree and waters multiple locations at once.

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