Remove Tree Stumps to Prevent Pest Infestation and Possible Resulting DiseaseWhen you’re improving the landscaping of your Atlanta yard, you may decide to remove some trees to open space. While this can be a good idea, it can also leave behind unsightly tree stumps that need to be removed. Because tree stump removal can seem a difficult task, many homeowners choose to avoid it. However, neglecting to remove a tree stump can end up extremely costly, both in terms of your own health and the appearance of your yard.

Here are a few reasons you need to be sure to remove tree stumps from your yard and tips for making the job easier with the help of a tree service.

Pest Infestations

If you choose to leave a tree stump in your yard, it’s very likely that it will eventually die. While dead tree stumps are certainly unattractive, that can be a huge risk to the long-term health of your home. Dead tree stumps can be a breeding ground for bugs. In addition to standard insect life, such as beetles and ants, dead tree stumps can also attract termites. Not only is a risk to the other trees in your yard, it’s a risk to your home.

Removing tree stumps from your yard is a good way to prevent bug infestations and to make sure that termites don’t invade and damage your home.

Increasing Your Injury Risks

When a tree stump can remain in your yard, you will probably be used to seeing it day in and day out. However, early on, it’s possible that you will forget that it’s there, possibly causing you to trip over the stump and cause yourself harm. This poses an additional risk when you have frequent guests to your home. Although you may have learned to avoid the tree stump, your guest may not be aware of the tree stump and this could result in one of your guests being injured.

One of the best reasons to remove a tree stump from your yard as soon as possible is to make sure you and your guests are safe from accidents.

Avoiding Unwanted New Growth

Usually, a tree stump will die shortly after a tree is cut. However, this is not always the case. In fact, tree stumps can last many months after the original tree has been cut down. Sometimes, this can lead to new growth on the tree stump. When a tree stump experiences new growth, however minor, it can sap the nutrients from the soil surrounding it. This can be a big problem for the vegetation throughout the rest of your yard.

Having a tree stump removed soon after a tree is cut down will work to preserve the nutrients of your soil and will help your other plants to thrive.

Remove Tree Stumps with the Help of a Tree Service

Now that you know how important it is to remove a tree stump, you need to get help from a trusted local tree service. Remove tree stumps and improve the appearance and health of your Atlanta yard by working with the Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts.

Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts offers multiple services, including tree stump removal and tree trimming, so that your yard always looks its best. Contact us today to schedule service.