We are a long-time provider of reliable and professional Atlanta tree services, including expert Atlanta tree trimming. As such, we have assisted hundreds of our customers through the years in dealing with problematic trees on their properties. Read on below to find out if you have a tree that poses a threat to your family and property.

Inspect the Ground Around the Trees

To check the surrounding ground, clear any plants or debris away from the base of the tree. Look for fungus growth, cavities or hollowed areas. Raised soil that goes against a tree’s natural lean can be an indication of a serious root disturbance. This could mean the tree is in the process of uprooting and is in danger of toppling over. Only a trained and experience tree specialist can determine if this is the case. When your ground inspection yields these signs, schedule an appointment with Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts as soon as you can. .

Branch Inspection

Dead branches can easily break and fall, causing property damage or injuries. Look for signs of dead branches and be proactive about dealing with them. Often this means cutting them before they break or fall off unexpectedly.

Dead branches typically have brown leaves (or no leaves at all) and have been stripped of their bark. A tight V-shaped crotch where branches connect is an indication of a weak connection that can easily split apart during a big storm. You can either trim the branches or brace them mechanically with cables to prevent them from breaking and falling.

Multi-Stemmed Trunks

If you have a tree that has two or more trunks, inspect them regularly for weakness or damage. A U-shape connection usually indicates a strong connection, while a V-shape one connotes a weakness (as it does with branches). Double-trunk trees can split apart without warning during high winds, so take the extra step of having any multi-stemmed trees in your property inspected by a trained tree expert.

Dead Trees

Get rid of any dead trees on the property that are near your house or another building as they can topple unexpectedly during a storm. If you can break off a twig easily and the inside is brown without any sign of green or soft wood, it’s likely that the tree is dead. Any sign of illness (mold growth, diseased leaves, etc.) can also mean the tree is dead. Consult an arborist to make certain and get rid of any dead trees that can damage your property or injure someone.

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