What Tree Colors Tell us

An Atlanta fall can be a wonderful thing. With beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow leaves, it is often our favorite season. Paired with blue skies and cooler temperatures, the weather makes a perfect time for backyard football games and family gatherings. Unfortunately, in early fall we sometimes face effects from dangerous hurricanes. In addition, winter storms with dangerous ice usually follow. It’s important to make sure your trees are healthy and do not pose a threat to your home and family. One way to monitor your tree’s health is by paying attention to its leaves.

When Your Tree Leaves Are Falling Too Soon

Some trees lose their leaves in August or September when they usually fall in October or November. There are many reasons this can happen. Often it is due to an extended amount of hot and dry weather conditions. If you have a certain tree that loses its leaves before the rest of your trees every year, it may be a Northern species. If the tree species prefers cooler temperatures, the prolonged summer in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia will stress your tree out, causing the leaves to fall prematurely. Watering your tree will usually help preserve its leaves for October or November.

When Your Tree Leaves Have An Unusual Color

If your tree leaves are turning an unusual yellow, brown, or gold color, it could be due to a lack of water. Proper watering keeps your tree green, leafy, and healthy until October rolls around. Discolored leaves let you know that something is wrong. Although most trees receive the correct amount of hydration from groundwater sources, sometimes trees need extra water. This is especially true during droughts. If tree watering doesn’t help, your tree may be infected with insects or disease. It’s important to have a tree specialist look at your tree to make sure it is not dying. Large trees can fall on your home or vehicle if left unhealthy or dead.

When Your Tree Leaves Change Color Later Than Usual

It’s October and your tree leaves are still green. Is this normal? The answer is sometimes. October weather is very unpredictable. If temperatures have not significantly dropped yet, your tree may still think it’s summer. The cooler temperatures and smaller amounts of sunlight are responsible for leaves changing color. If temperatures have been unusually high, you should water your tree to keep it healthy. If your trees leaves are still green, you have nothing to worry about. When the cooler weather arrives, you will have your beautiful fall-colored leaves.

If you are worried you may have a dead or dying tree in your yard, contact Atlanta’s tree removal specialist. An unhealthy tree can quickly fall on top of your house or car, risking damages and loved ones’ lives. Yellow Ribbon Tree has served Georgia residents for over ten years and is here to protect your home and family. Let the qualified experts help. Call today at 770-512-8733.