Having trees on your property is beneficial in many ways. They provide a shady respite from the hot summer sun. If they are deciduous trees, you are treated to an annual fall display of colors before the onset of the cold weather. But as a seasoned Atlanta tree company, we know that some trees can also pose certain dangers for homeowners and their property. If you notice one or all of the signs below, reach out to us. That beautiful tree in your yard may be too close to your home and could be a source of potential harm to your property and family.

Tree Roots and Your Foundation

Some trees have root systems that grow deep and wide. Even if they won’t pierce your home’s foundation completely, they can still cause considerable damage. Root systems that go beneath a house’s foundation can cause it to lift or crack. Roots can also leech water from the ground and cause the foundation (and eventually your house) to list or settle unevenly. Once you have foundational trouble, a long list of other problems can follow.

Improper Water Drainage

Leaves, twigs and other tree debris can clog your gutters to such an extent that your drainage can get seriously blocked. Improper water drainage can damage your shingles and cause water to penetrate your home. Certain foundational problems can also arise from clogged gutters that result in improper water drainage. Trees that constantly deposit debris on your roof and gutters may be growing too close for safety. More often than not, their branches simply need to be trimmed regularly so they deposit their debris on the ground and not on your house.

Underground Damage

Sometimes tree roots cause serious damage when they penetrate underground drainage or sewer pipes. Unfortunately, this type of damage is often detected after the damage has been done. However, an experienced arborist will be able to determine the extent of your tree’s root system. From this information, he or she can reasonably predict whether or not the pipes underneath your house are in harm’s way and you can plan or act accordingly.

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