Atlanta Tree Care Tips

Trees and shrubs are an essential part of any human environment, and a professional tree service in Atlanta may be the answer to all your landscaping needs. If you’re interested in some tips for planting and removing trees, check out the information below.

Planting Trees in Atlanta

  • Trees provide oxygen while reducing carbon dioxide, and clean natural water deposits by keeping pollution and loose soil out of the water.
  • Trees can increase the value of your home twofold. If strategically placed, they can improve efficiency in your home by providing sufficient shade in the summer. Yards tend to look bare without trees, and people are less likely to view or buy a home without trees.
  • Various types of magnolia, maple, lilac, and dogwood trees and shrubs thrive in hot and humid climates like Atlanta, Georgia.

Removing Trees

  • Dead or dying trees are potentially harmful to buildings and landscape on your property. They are very likely to collapse, especially during rain and winter storms. It is much easier and less costly to remove them before they become a much more serious problem.
  • Trees can also cause problems for other foliage in your yard by blocking out necessary sunlight, and monopolizing nutrients and moisture. If this problem cannot be addressed by supplementing the needs of surrounding plants and shrubs, then the tree may need to be moved or removed.
  • Sometimes trees are simply not a part of renovations. In years to come, a tree may interfere with an additional room, pavement or a deck or patio, and removal is ideal before the project even begins.
  • Trees that are growing on a direct course for power lines, roofs and other potentially hazardous growth patterns need to be dealt with in a timely manner. It is better to prevent as opposed to repair.

Professional tree service in Atlanta is the best way to handle such issues. Between knowing the best way to remove a tree and dealing with the permits involved, professionals are better equipped to handle the entire situation for you. You should also make sure that this service provides stump removal as a part of the job, as it can be reduced to mulch for the rest of the yard.

Image courtesy of: Creative Commons / zoetnet