There are a number of ways that tree bark gets damaged. Some small animals, such as squirrels and porcupines, chew off tree bark for food. Birds, such as certain types of woodpeckers, drill holes in tree barks to drink the sap. The bark of a tree may also be damaged when larger animals like deer or moose rub against it to remove the velvet on new antlers.

Effects of Damaged Bark on Trees

Aside from giving trees an unattractive appearance, our Atlanta tree trimming experts know that damaged bark can significantly affect the health of trees. As the tree’s main outer covering, the bark protects the phloem layer of the tree. This layer is the main circulatory system of the tree that delivers the energy produced by the leaves to the entire tree. Without the protection of the bark, the distribution system can be exposed to weather and animal destruction, thus endangering the existence of the whole tree.

Reversing the Damage

If the tree has sustained a simple scratch, simply clean the affected area with regular soap and water to minimize and retard the growth of pathogens. Wash the wound thoroughly and let it dry on its own. Do not use a sealant.

For greater damage to the bark, you first need to remove any injured bark tissue. Make sure all the bark is solidly attached to the tree trunk. Leave no space for insects to burrow their way under the bark. According to our Atlanta tree service pros, cut only as much bark as is absolutely necessary to create a clean edge around the damaged portion. You want to make a smooth, unimpeded pathway for nutrients and fluids to flow around the damaged area in order to help the tree make a quick and complete recovery.

Professional Assistance

A healthy tree can usually survive and recover even after 25 percent of its bark has sustained an injury, provided the damage is treated right away. Bark damage of more than 50 percent needs more drastic and oftentimes professional intervention.

As a premium provider of complete and reliable tree service in Atlanta, we can help you assess and address tree bark damage promptly and successfully. We can also provide expert assistance with tree cutting and tree removal in Atlanta as well as with logging and debris hauling. Our trained and experienced tree professionals can also help you and your family to recover from storm or disaster damage. Reach out to us to answer and address all your questions and concerns regarding proper tree handling and care in Atlanta.