Mercier Orchards Blue RidgeWhen it comes to tree life in Georgia, there is no shortage of sites to take in these giant wonders. A free but calming experience, resting amongst trees allows the brain to be clear and relaxed. If you are looking to become one with nature and let your mind free, you may want to check out the these top places for local tree lovers. Our Atlanta tree service professionals have listed the top spots for you to enjoy some of the finest trees in the state. 

Top Spots to Enjoy Trees in Georgia

1. Lover’s Oak Tree in Brunswick, Georgia: Who doesn’t like a good love story? According to legend, local Native American men would meet their wives to be under this staggering tree. To mark their true love, they would meet and share a kiss, hence how the tree’s name came to be. This oak tree dates to be around 900 years old, and has a trunk 13 feet in diameter! Lover’s Oak sits at the corner of Prince and Albany Streets.

2. Panola Mountain State Park in Stockbridge, Georgia: For the tree lover that wants to take things to an interactive level, the Panola Mountain State Park’s tree top excursions are not to be missed. While they offer both group climbs and an introductory climbing course, three of the most exciting climbs they offer are wild climbs, night climbs, and ZZZ’s in the trees. Wild climbs allows tree and nature lovers to take their exploring off the beaten path and have a unique climbing experience. Night climbs is a fun and special way to take in the trees from a different perspective. With the active nocturnal nightlife and one of a kind stargazing, this is an experience that can’t be missed. ZZZ’s in the trees gives the advantage of the night climb without having to go home right after. Stay all night parked out on your canopy boat-style bed and take in the sights and sounds nature has provided for you.

3. Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, Georgia: For over 70 years, the Mercier family has provided and cared for the land their beautiful orchards sit on. The orchards host an abundance of fruit trees and bushes including strawberries, apples, plums, blueberries, cherries, nectarines, and peaches. Between the months of August and October, visitors can attend their Apple U-pick, where they can explore the grounds and take home a peck or two of delicious 13 varieties of homegrown apples, which is strongly encouraged.

4. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, Georgia: Right in the middle of downtown, our Atlanta tree professionals are obsessed with this nature oasis. To truly take in the tree experience, and a one of a kind one at that, then the Canopy Walk cannot be missed. Hovering 40 feet in the air, the Canopy Walk offers a walk through different types of trees, such as hickories, oaks and poplars. In the summer, guests can attend Woodland Weekends where arts, tree walks, and other activities can be enjoyed.

5. The Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest in Suches, Georgia: Spanning across 26 counties, and dotted with streams, hiking trails, and campgrounds, this forest has a little bit of something for every tree lover. Take the reigns and self-explore any of the 867,000 acres of this amazingly beautiful preserved land. If a trip to the mountains just can’t happen this week, you can always check out the live webcams and take in the nature in front of you.

Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons