Your yard and the landscaping of your yard are probably important to you. When you are manicuring your lawn and flowers, you might realize that your trees need some extra attention, too.

As a long-time Atlanta tree company, we know that trees need help with maintenance and growth throughout their lives. When you assist them with this process, your lawn will be filled with beautiful and thriving trees. Healthy trees are not only beautiful, but also a great return investment on your real estate. A nice shady tree can even help with cooling costs in the summer time. 


The health of your tree depends on the very day that you plant it. It’s important to survey the area where you are planting the tree, so make sure that it has ample room to grow up and down. When you properly plant a tree, it will grow more quickly and in good health. Our Atlanta tree service professionals also advise mulching your tree bed to help new tree growth thrive.


With some types of trees, young saplings need help with stability during their new growth. By staking the tree, you are not only supporting it, but you are also helping to shape the trunk’s shape and strength. It is vital that you stake your tree properly because when it is done wrong, the stakes can actually injure or damage the tree and inhibit growth and life.

Training Young Trees

When you train a tree as a young tree, it will need to be maintained. Remove dead and dying branches as well as new sprouts that will compete with the mainline. Pick a branch to be the lowest branch – it will remain as the lowest branch for the rest of it’s life. Remove all branches that are below this branch if they exceed more than one third of the trunk. Don’t get carried away with removing branches because if you remove more than 25 percent of a tree’s shade, this can be detrimental to it’s health.

Mature Tree Care

Now that you have successfully grown and maintained your trees, there is a little bit of pruning that you will need to do from time to time. Continue to remove any dead and dying branches. Inspect the trunk annually for pests and signs of decay. It may be a good idea to have a tree expert evaluate your trees to see if they need any thinning or branch removal.

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