Summer is the time of year when you want to pay close attention to the trees on your property. Not only is this the season when most species experience a surge of growth, but it is also when parasites and a myriad of diseases wreak havoc on unsuspecting leafy victims. Everything from mildew to beetles can lead your trees to an undesirable fate and leave you guessing as to what happened.

Top Summer Tree Care Tips

The importance of pruning cannot be stressed enough as this is what gets rid of dead and rotting branches to give fresh limbs adequate breathing room and much-needed exposure to sunlight. Most trees do not fare well in dark, damp environments, so one wrong move on this front can be downright disastrous. Protect your investments, ones that took years to reach their current dimensions, by tending to them the right way.

Arbor Day may have passed months ago, but that does not mean you should avoid tending to your trees right now. Adequate preparation for autumn and winter entails a thorough inspection of their current condition from trunk durability to soil consistency. It may seem time consuming, but heed the advice of your favorite Atlanta tree removal contractor. Attention to detail is key when maintaining tree health.

While it may appear normal, falling branches and leaves are far from common. These are the tell-tale symptoms of what we call tree stress, and it can be caused by a wide array of factors (e.g. improper placement, wrong soil type, over-watering, not enough water, etc.). The list is not exhaustive, but an Atlanta tree service veteran can greatly facilitate the diagnostic process.

Especially for birch, maple, willow and hackberry trees (the species that commonly suffer from drought-related problems), regular watering can help stop the excessive shedding of twigs and leaves. In the event that you or the owner before you planted a sun-loving specimen in a shaded environment or vice versa, drastic action in the form of relocation may be required to keep the tree intact.

Due to the delicate nature of the replanting process, this job should only be handled by a qualified expert. Pruning can also be a dangerous endeavor, particularly when dealing with a mass of rotting branches or a tree that has not been serviced in many years. Stay safe and schedule an appointment with Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts for professional tree services.