The thought that helps many of us get through the long, cold winter months is that the weather will soon turn warm and that the trees will bloom again. For nature lovers, spring is one of the most exciting times of the year, with the world coming back to life. However, although you might not know it, spring can also be a very dangerous time for the trees in your yard.

As your trees prepare to bloom, they are also at risk of contracting certain spring diseases that can cause long-term damage and even death if they’re left unaddressed. Here is some information about spring tree diseases you should watch out for and tips for hiring an Atlanta tree service to care for your trees.

Brown Blossom Blight

One of the most common spring tree diseases that you need to be on the watch for is known as brown blossom blight. This disease is a fungus that infects your trees during the winter months. When a tree is infected with brown blossom blight, countless spores will be created the leaves when the spring rains finally arrive.

Brown blossom blight can affect a tree in many ways. For flowering trees, it can cause the flower blossoms to wilt and turn brown. It can also infect twigs and cause a very serious dieback. If you suspect a tree in your yard is infested with brown blossom blight, then you need to act quickly and decisively.

Sycamore Anthracnose

During the spring months, you will find sycamore trees blossoming throughout Atlanta. While these trees are generally very resistant to stresses, they are also susceptible to a dangerous spring disease that targets this specific tree, Sycamore anthracnose. As with brown blossom blight, sycamore anthracnose is a fungus that lies dormant over the winter and activates in the warmth and moisture of the spring months.

Unfortunately, sycamore anthracnose looks very like frost damage, which causes many people to ignore the situation. You can identify this spring tree diseases by the tell-tale spores, which look like small, black dots. Once you notice that your tree is infected with this fungus, make sure to limit its spreading to preserve the life of your tree.

Preventing Spring Tree Disease

Prevent Tree Disease During the SpringAfter learning a little bit about threatening spring tree diseases, it’s time to start thinking about prevention. Fortunately, protecting your trees from both brown blossom blight or sycamore anthracnose isn’t as difficult as you might believe.

First, if you notice a fungal infection, you need to prune any affected branches and twigs. This will hopefully limit the extent of the damage and allow your tree to recover from the infection. Second, when the spring months arrive, you should have your trees examined by an Atlanta tree service. A tree service professional will be able to examine your trees, tell you if they’ve been infected and give you tips for upkeep.

Hire an Atlanta Tree Service

If you want to make sure that your trees blossom this spring and thrive throughout the year, then you need to hire an Atlanta tree service such as Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. We can examine your trees for any possible spring diseases and perform regular pruning so that they stay healthy well into the future.

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