If you have mature trees in your property, you know the pleasure of enjoying warm summer days under their cool shade. They have no doubt delighted you with their fiery autumn foliage and filled your yard with the aroma of their flowers in bloom in the spring. Even in the winter with their bare branches silhouetted against a grey sky, they continue to provide a visage that is calming and serene.

Having trees in your front or backyard is truly a source of year-round enjoyment. Additionally, they significantly increase the appeal and value of your property.

There comes a time however, when a tree needs to be cut down. In most instances, it is best to leave this task to professionals. As a long-time tree company, we are familiar and experienced in dealing with the potential perils that come with tree cutting and removal. Our Atlanta tree trimming experts have the training, knowledge and proper equipment necessary to cut and remove any type or size of tree from your property.

If you are considering doing this chore yourself, read below to find out if you have the tools and skills to attempt this task safely.

Proper Equipment

To fell most trees, you will need a chainsaw that has at least 3.5 horsepower and a 20-inch bar. If you have this equipment or are renting it, be sure to test it properly before you attempt to cut down any tree.

Adequate Protection

Our Atlanta tree service pros note that you will also need safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris that the chainsaw will inevitably send airborne as you cut into the tree. It’s also a good idea to have some kind of leg protection in case the saw kicks out of the tree when it hits a snag. You might also need a rope that is at least three times longer than the tree you’re cutting down as a contingency measure.

Ground Preparation

Make sure there is a spot where the tree can fall safely. This spot should be away from power lines, fences or any structure. Clear it completely to prevent damage.

Tie one end of the rope around the middle portion of the tree (or higher) and have your helpers hang on to the other end. Make sure no one is standing in the fall zone.

Safe Cutting Procedure

Cut a V-shaped notch (knee height) into the center of the tree in the direction you want the tree to fall. Then move to the other side of the tree and cut into the tree slowly until your saw meets up with the notch you made earlier. As the tree falls, walk away from it as quickly as possible at a 45 degree angle. Do not walk away directly behind the tree. If something prevents the tree from falling, do not approach the tree again nor attempt to use the saw. Instead, have your helpers tug at the rope until the tree completely falls to the ground.

If you do not have the right equipment for the job or feel uncomfortable with any part of cutting a tree, call us. We provide reliable Atlanta tree removal services that are guaranteed to safeguard your property and protect your family.