We have been providing reliable Atlanta tree removal services for well over two decades. In that time, we have seen the devastation that fallen trees can wreak on communities and families throughout Georgia. It is not surprising for fallen trees to cause millions of dollars in property damage after a period of extended rain or heavy storms. The toll on human lives can be even more devastating.

There are several factors that may cause trees to fall. Below are four of the more common reasons.

Recent Change in Environment

Trees that have undergone a significant change in their immediate environment within five to 10 years can be susceptible to toppling over in a severe storm. When trees used to living in the middle of a forest suddenly lose the protection of the outer rim of trees due to over-cutting, they become vulnerable when exposed to strong winds.

The Human Element

Human activity can also alter a tree’s environment significantly. Land clearing, compacting soil and changing drainage – these and other human actions can damage the complex root system of surrounding trees and cause serious injuries. When these injuries are not diagnosed and treated correctly, they can cause decay and infections that weaken trees and make them less able to withstand strong winds.

Trees in Wet Areas

Even tree varieties that tend to develop deep roots like white oaks and hickories will grow shallow roots in land where water tables are high. Trees with a shallow root system become prone to uprooting, especially during thunderstorms with high-impact winds.

Tree Health

A deceased tree has little protection against the ravages of a severe thunderstorm. When it is the tree’s trunk that is most diseased, it can simply snap in two in strong winds. When it is its root system that is compromised, the entire tree can be toppled. The odds of a tree surviving severe weather conditions largely depend on the state of its different components.

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