tree removal service atlanta gaIf you have a growing tree on your property, it is no doubt such a familiar member of the space that you could never envision the yard without it. However, there are times when it is necessary to remove them from your home. On the one hand, trees are often beautiful, tying the look of the landscape together and providing you with nice shade in the summer. Yet, because trees are living organisms, they may begin to decay or exhibits any other issues, making it time to move on.

Compiled by the professional tree removal team at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, these are five common reasons to remove a tree from your home.

#1: Dead or Dying

If the tree is outright dead and has become an eyesore, get rid of it. Often, it might not be so easy to tell if a tree is diseased and on its way out. Looking for signs of decay, such as a split or crack in the trunk can often help. Should you notice insect infestation around the tree, this might also be a sign. In this case, you should act quickly here to prevent the infestation from spreading to other trees.

#2: Obstructed View

While many people might appreciate tree growth as a natural privacy installation, others might not take so kindly to the obstruction. If you look out your front window and are unable to see anything but the tree branches, it might be time for a removal. Trees can also shade your lawn a little too well, inhibiting grass growth.

#3: Roots Growing Too Close

As tree roots expand, they could start creeping closer and closer to your home. While not necessarily an immediate issue, if left unchecked long enough, tree roots can severely damage utility lines, plumbing, and other structures. You will want to correct this issue as soon as you notice something.

#4: Safety Hazard

When a tree gets big enough, it can pose a serious safety hazard to you and your home. A particularly bad storm, for example, can topple the tree, causing major damage to your home and property. You will want to address this issue before the tree size gets out of hand.

#5: You Want a Change

Sometimes you just want a change. Especially if you have been living with the same tree for years and years, it could be time to switch things up a little. Many landscaping redesigns also require removing a tree, so keep that in mind as well.

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At the end of the day, you must evaluate the reasons to remove a tree on your property, but there is no reason why you have to go through the process alone. By leaning on the professionals at the Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts, together we can assess your options and tailor a removal plan to fit your individual needs.

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