With more than two decades of providing a wide range of superior tree removal services, we have shared much of the information and knowledge we have acquired with our clients. After all, taking good care of the trees on your property benefits not only you as the homeowner, but also the larger community.

Healthy trees are not only visually appealing; they also provide shelter for many beneficial insects, provide shade and help clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

Pruning is part of regular tree maintenance. Aside from promoting tree health and encouraging correct growth, here are other reasons for pruning trees.

Safety Reasons

Trees can sometimes grow in unexpected directions. Tree limbs that grow too closely to electric wires or rooftops can be a potential source of danger. Low-hanging tree branches can sometimes obscure roadways and signs that can lead to unfortunate accidents. An experienced arborist from our Alpharetta tree removal company can determine how much pruning needs to be done to keep the tree healthy as well as to eliminate any possible source of damage to life or property.

Aesthetic Reasons

Pruning can improve the shape and enhance the outward appeal of your tree. Well-trimmed trees give your yard a neat, spacious appearance and can greatly preserve and improve the overall worth of your property.

Keep in mind, however, that prevailing industry pruning standards stipulate that no more than 25 percent of a healthy tree’s foliage should be pruned in the course of one season. Even less should be trimmed if your tree is old, damaged or suffers from disease.

Stimulate or Restrict Growth

Trees do not always grow equally in all directions. There are usually sparse areas or areas where too much growth occurs, even in healthy trees. Pruning can stimulate growth in sparse areas and limit over-expansion in parts of the tree where too much growth can be dangerous or unsightly. Proper pruning is an excellent way to maintain and direct tree growth.

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