There can be so much devastation surrounding your area after extreme weather conditions. The ground is usually covered with broken tree limbs, and in some cases, giant limbs can damage cars and homes. Our Alpharetta tree service professionals want to help you prevent this from happening to you and your family by sharing what to look for to prevent limb hazards in your own yard.

Strong or Weak Limbs

By looking at your tree branches, you can tell if they are strong or weak. When the branch grows closely to a stem of the tree and there is bark growing in between, this is an indication that the branch is weak. As the bark continues to grow, it will weaken the branch and eventually cause it to break or fall off.

Water Sprouts

If a tree has suffered environmental damage or has been weakened by another force, it can cause water sprouts. The tree will try to replace broken and damaged branches with new growth. This new growth is often sprouting on an area of the tree that is already weak, so there isn’t much of a foundation to support these new branches, whatever size they may be.

Water sprouts grow too quickly and aren’t strong enough to support their own weight, so it is nearly impossible for them to withstand extreme weather conditions. When these weather forces are applied, the branches break away from the tree.

Observe the Trunk

The trunk of the tree can tell you a lot about the health of the tree and its branches. If your tree is showing signs of cracks, swells or even old wounds on the tree, then these are strong indicators that your tree may have branches that will quickly and easily snap off. If decay in your tree is bad enough, then without the threat of weather, the dead or weak branches could snap off all on their own.

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