If you’re planning a landscaping project for your Atlanta home, there are a few factors that you should consider aboveAre trees a good investment everything else. One such issue is what trees are the most popular for Atlanta homes. While you want to make sure you pick a tree that fits your style and tastes, you also want to make sure that you pick a species that is sure to thrive in Atlanta’s unique climate.

Luckily, there are some really great trees that will both look fantastic in your yard and will be last for years and decades to come. Read about the most popular tree choices for Atlanta homes and get help planting your trees from Atlanta landscaping professionals.

American Hornbeam

If you’re looking for a tree that will grow to staggering heights and provide any home with an outstanding appearance, then one of your top tree landscaping choices should be the American Hornbeam. Often growing to heights of thirty to forty feet, the American Hornbeam is best suited to backyards with moist soil and large amounts of shade. When this tree blooms in the spring, you’ll be blown away by its deep green catkins that provide a unique look.

American Yellowwood

If you’re looking for the right tree choices for your Atlanta home, then a great idea is to pick a species that is native to the state, which is what makes the American Yellowwood such a great option. The American Yellowwood fully blooms in the later spring months and possess a white flower that is similar in appearance to the wisteria, a Southern staple. This tree is a particularly good choice for urban settings thanks to its thirty to fifty-foot height range.

Japanese Cedar

For many Atlanta homeowners, the right choice for a tree is the one that offers the most color when in full bloom, and if this is what you’re looking for in your next landscaping project, then you should seriously consider choosing the Japanese Cedar. Recent to the Atlanta area, the Japanese Cedar provides a slim profile and medium height alongside needles that transition from a blue green color to a purplish hue as the year goes on.

Magnolia Grandiflora

When choosing the right trees for your home, there’s nothing wrong with picking a classic, which is the reason so many Atlanta homeowners choose Magnolias. However, if you want the traditional look of the Magnolia in a smaller size, then your best bet is a Magnolia Grandiflora, also known as the ‘Little Gem’.

Only growing to about twenty feet tall and ten feet wide, this smaller tree gives you that Magnolia appearance at a much more manageable size, and you’ll absolutely love it’s dark green coloring and white flowers that bloom throughout the season.

Consult Atlanta Landscaping Professionals

Now that you know about some of the best trees to plant in your Atlanta yard, you need to find the right landscaping service to lend a hand. When it comes time to plant your trees, your best choice for Atlanta landscaping professionals are at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. We can help you transform your yard’s look and can even help you pick out your perfect Atlanta tree. Request a free estimate from Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts today!