Fall is a good time to plant trees. The weather is cooler, the sunlight is less harsh and there is still plenty of time before the spring growing season for the tree to establish itself. However, planting a tree is not the same as planting other plants. You can’t just dig a hole, put the tree in it and expect it to thrive. Our Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts wish to offer you some advice on how to plant your tree this autumn. If you need further assistance with tree service needs, fill out our form for a free estimate.

Check Local Digging Requirements

Before you decide on a tree and a location, you need to determine whether you can plant one at all. Georgia’s most esteemed tree experts have found some areas have strict requirements about digging deep holes, especially near telephone poles, cables and plumbing fixtures. You need to know where these are before you dig and get any necessary permits.

Pick the Right Tree

While fall is a great time for planting trees, certain trees don’t thrive if they are planted in the fall. Oaks, nut trees and birches tend to do poorly if planted in fall. Trees in burlap or baled trees can have trouble because they go into transplanting shock in the fall. According to Marietta’s leading tree service company, your most successful planting option is a container tree.

Prepare the Hole

Once you have determined where you can dig and picked your tree, it’s time to plant. Dig a hole that is four or five times the width of the root ball. This will give your tree’s roots plenty of room to grow without suffering any stress. Dig the hole so that there is a small pedestal of dirt in the middle of the hole. The tree will rest on this pedestal when you plant it, and the roots will go deeper around it. This is very important because the tree can drown if it is sitting in a pool of water.

Plant the Tree

Remove the tree from its confines, whether that is a pot or the bag it is in. Do not take off the burlap at this point; put the tree in the hole, then remove the burlap. Leave the wire basket if your tree has it. These are difficult to remove and they actually give the tree’s roots extra support. Gently place the tree in its hole, and surround it with dirt and compost. Do not use commercial fertilizer as this will affect the tree poorly over time. Be sure to water the tree regularly as it grows and call our tree maintenance in Atlanta once a year to check the tree’s growth and health.