When Is a Tree Too Close To Your Home?

When Is a Tree Too Close To Your Home?

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When Is a Tree Too Close To Your Home?

Having trees on your property is beneficial in many ways. They provide a shady respite from the hot summer sun. If they are deciduous trees, you are treated to an annual fall display of colors before the onset of the cold weather. But as a seasoned Atlanta tree company, we know that some trees can also… Continue Reading

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Tips for Choosing the Right Tree Removal Company

Whether you just want the trees on your property trimmed or you have a dangerous tree that needs to be cut down, finding the right tree company can be a challenge for most ordinary homeowners. This is especially true for first-time homeowners and for those who have never had such services done before. In our… Continue Reading

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Checklist for Winter Tree Care

Trees are incredibly resilient, but that doesn’t mean they cannot benefit from our care, especially during winter. As a long-time Atlanta tree service company, we recommend taking the following steps to make sure your trees survive the cold winter months.

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5 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Trees

As a company that provides a wide variety of tree services in Atlanta, we deal with different types of trees every single day. The more we are around these amazing living creatures, the more in awe of them we become. Below are some of the more interesting facts about trees that you might not know…. Continue Reading

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Is Winter a Good Time for Tree Pruning?

In all our years as an Alpharetta tree service company, we have been asked many questions regarding the best way to take care of different kinds of trees. One common question voiced by many of our customers concerns the best time to prune trees. Before we can even tackle that issue, it’s important to know why pruning… Continue Reading

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When Does a Tree on Your Property Become Dangerous?

We are a long-time provider of reliable and professional Atlanta tree services, including expert Atlanta tree trimming. As such, we have assisted hundreds of our customers through the years in dealing with problematic trees on their properties. Read on below to find out if you have a tree that poses a threat to your family… Continue Reading

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Rapid Growing Trees That Provide Shade to Your Home

When you’re looking to save a little money and make the world just a little bit better, why not spring for trees? Nothing provides natural, cost-free shade like a tree can. These trees can give you the most bang for your buck and shade your home to cut down the cost for cooling.

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Top 5 Places Tree Lovers Must Visit In Georgia

When it comes to tree life in Georgia, there is no shortage of sites to take in these giant wonders. A free but calming experience, resting amongst trees allows the brain to be clear and relaxed. If you are looking to become one with nature and let your mind free, you may want to check out the… Continue Reading

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5 Products That Are Linked to the Destruction of Our Rain Forests

As a long-time provider of tree trimming and removal services in Georgia, our knowledge of and experience with trees is vast and encompassing. We are well aware of the role trees play in our local and world-wide ecosystem, in beautifying our environment and in maintaining the planet’s health by providing it with clean air. The… Continue Reading

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What Is Fracking and How Does It Destroy Trees?

As a trusted company providing a variety of dependable tree services including safe tree removal, we have an abiding respect for our magnificent arboreal neighbors. Trees provide shelter and food not only for birds and small animals, but for humans as well. They are the lungs of the planet, helping to provide all life on… Continue Reading