5 Common Causes of Tree Death

5 Common Causes of Tree Death

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5 Common Causes of Tree Death

If you’ve found yourself having to remove multiple dead trees from your property, you may want to investigate the cause of the deaths. Keeping your trees healthy isn’t too hard, but sometimes there are outside factors beyond your control. If you need help keeping your trees healthy or removing dead or diseased trees, contact us… Continue Reading

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Fall Tree Care Tips

This and every fall you will need to make sure that your trees are ready for the winter months. You also need to take steps that will encourage growth in the springtime to keep your trees healthy. Before it gets too cool, head out into your yard to make sure that you trees remain happy… Continue Reading

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How to Tell if Your Tree is Diseased or Dead

Trees can get sick. In fact, it happens often. Many times, trees are able to fight a sickness by themselves. Occasionally though, a tree’s sickness is a potentially-fatal disease that, without human intervention, deteriorates gradually until the tree is dead. For tree owners, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a diseased tree… Continue Reading

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3 Beautiful Arboretums to Explore Near Atlanta This Fall

Everyone loves fall because the leaves are changing and the temperature is getting cooler. Before you start planning all of your autumn activities, though, you should make some time to visit these three arboretums near Atlanta. They are all beautiful and have something different to offer, and fall is the best time to visit.

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Does Ivy Kill Trees?

If you’re living in Atlanta, chances are you’ve encountered the ivy that is all over the trees here. This ivy, called “kudzu” is a very aggressive invader and grows at a rapid rate. It’s common all over Georgia and takes over vegetation all around the city and the state. This ivy threatens all vegetation levels,… Continue Reading

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Why do the Leaves on Trees Change Colors in the Fall?

Do you love the fall colors as much as we do at Yellow Ribbon? We never grow tired of the red, yellow, and orange colors that start appearing on the tree leaves each year. You might be interested in knowing why this color change in the leaves happen as the temperatures start shifting.

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Five Ways Atlanta is Tree-Friendly

A decade ago, the city of Atlanta was losing green space at a rate of about 500 acres a week due to its population growth and subsequent development needs. Since then the city has been focusing on ways to increase the green space. There are numerous places in Atlanta to enjoy the scenery, but here… Continue Reading

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Bugs That are Bad for Trees

Not all insects are damaging to trees, but some are capable of killing a surprising large number of trees in a short period of time. As professionals that provide tree removal in Atlanta, we encounter forest insects all the time and can tell the difference between a minor pest and one that’s a major threat…. Continue Reading

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Tree Care Tips for Atlanta Residents

Trees and shrubs are an essential part of any human environment, and a professional tree service in Atlanta may be the answer to all your landscaping needs. If you’re interested in some tips for planting and removing trees, check out the information below.

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Summertime and the Planting’s Easy: Trees to Withstand the Heat

Can anything stand up to this heat? You can barely handle it, so how can a plant that is dependent on the right combination of nutrients going to thrive? If you don’t want your yard to be filled with cacti this summer, then consider planting a few of these trees which can give you the… Continue Reading