Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to get started on that in-ground pool project you’ve been planning. You’ve decided this is the year to get started, but you’ve got one last obstacle – trees and tree stumps in your build site.


Trees and stumps within your build site need to be removed. Nearby trees inhibit the natural warming effect the sun should be allowed to have on the water. They can also drop a lot of debris, bird droppings and even the occasional squirrel into your pool. And the root systems of adjacent trees are certain to expand and eventually break through the siding, doing massive damage to your new pool.

Unstable trees can be a hazard to people and structures in their proximity. The root systems of unwanted trees can inhibit the growth of other smaller plants and trees. The shade of an unwanted tree can prevent the flourishing of your landscaping flora, hedges or garden making it difficult to use decorative plants to beautify the area surrounding your new pool.

Yellow Ribbon Tree Removal Service

The experts at Yellow Ribbon are specially equipped with the right tools and experience to clear your build site of any stumps keeping you from adding the pool you’ve been dreaming of. Retired Army Major, Gary Robertson, has been running his professional team of stump and tree removal experts since 2006. Since then, Yellow Ribbon has become arguably the most trusted tree removal service in the Atlanta area. During its eight years of service, the Yellow Ribbon team has served the greater metropolitan area during natural disasters and storms as well as by providing regular care for their customer’s trees and removal needs.

Call the Professionals

You need a professional tree stump removal service who will do the job right and stand behind their work. The award-winning arborists at Yellow Ribbon are standing by with the tools and the know-how to remove the obstacles standing in the way of your pool-side fun in the summer sun.

Call or submit the simple online form today for your free estimate and find out why Angie’s List gave Yellow Ribbon their coveted Super Service Award.