mulching around treesPlanting trees in your yard can create many benefits. In addition to providing shade and keeping your home cooler, trees can also increase the value of your home by providing a beautiful yard. There are many different types of trees you can choose. Some provide beautiful spring blooms and others pretty fall leaves. Some, like oak trees, can grow extremely large. It’s important to keep your trees healthy so they do not die and hurt your home or family. One way to keep your trees healthy is to place mulch around your trees.

There are many benefits of placing mulch around trees. Mulch:

  1. Acts as a BufferMulch acts as a buffer by protecting the tree’s soil from hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. The small wood chips in the mulch insulate the soil, keeping it the right temperature for proper root growth. A tree’s root system is the most important part of a tree. The roots are what hold the tree in place and keep it from becoming unsteady. Trees that are two years or younger do not have developed root systems yet, so it is extremely important to use mulch around your newer trees. Keeping the soil a moderate temperature will benefit a tree by letting it grow strong and healthy.
  2. Maintains MoistureIn addition to maintaining a proper soil temperature, mulch benefits trees by creating an abundant level of moisture. This is very important because trees require a certain amount of water to stay healthy. A tree’s roots are responsible for providing water to the whole tree. Sometimes Atlanta groundwater levels get depleted during droughts or if there are numerous trees nearby. Using mulch will help maintain the soil’s water levels by preventing evaporation and locking moisture in. Mulch will make your life easier by reducing the amount of times you need to water your trees. This is only one of the many benefits mulch provides.
  3. Prevents Other Plant GrowthMulch also makes it more difficult for unwanted plants, like weeds to grow near your trees. These plants steal your tree’s water and nutrients, posing a threat to you and your tree’s safety. Using mulch benefits your yard by keeping it weed-free and beautiful. An appealing yard will make you and your guests feel at home while also increasing your home’s value. Using mulch can make your home easier to sell in Atlanta and get you more money back in your pocket.

While mulch may be an initial investment, it helps your trees grow strong and healthy, by providing the appropriate soil temperature and moisture while keeping other plants away. This investment will protect your trees and family. If you do have a tree fall in your yard or are worried about an unhealthy tree, call Yellow Ribbon Tree, Atlanta’s tree removal experts. We can remove and trim trees in addition to answering any of your tree-related questions. Call today for a free estimate. 770-512-8733