One of the nicest things about spring is the return of the leaves on the trees. Most homeowners in the Atlanta area have trees that provide shade and add character to their landscaping. Unfortunately, trees can cause issues if they are damaged or diseased. A summer thunderstorm can cause damaged trees to fall onto homes, cars, play areas or other spaces that can cause significant property damage or cause injury to those inside those structures. As professionals in tree service, Yellow Ribbon wants to help you learn how to tell if a tree may be dangerous.

Most tree professionals look at a tree four ways; overall, from the ground, the trunk and the canopy. You can look at these areas as well to get a picture of your trees’ health.

Overall View

By taking a look at the tree itself, you can immediately see if it’s leaning, or if it’s leaning more than it used to. Does the tree have any large, dead branches or is it dropping leaves early? These are all signs of a sick tree.

Ground View

Trees are supported by structural roots, while the deeper roots feed the tree. Some structural roots can be seen running above ground. If these are weak, the tree is in trouble. Fungus along the roots is a sure sign that the roots are dying, since fungus feeds on decaying material.


Look closely at any large cracks or cavities. Check the trunk for the absence of bark or places where the bark is peeling off. If the tree has multiple trunks, check the areas where the trunks are joined. If sawdust is present, that indicates an insect infestation.


When looking up at the leaves, check for dead limbs or limbs with no leaves or bark. After a storm, check for broken branches.

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