Tips for keeping your Christmas tree freshThere are many people who believe that Christmas is not Christmas without a freshly-cut tree in their living room but have no idea how to keep it looking fresh and preserved all season long. If you’re going to invest in a real tree this holiday season, there are five easy tips that you can use to keep your tree beautiful and fresh all season long.

4 Tips for a Beautiful and Fresh Christmas Tree All Season Long

1. Use a tree stand that holds up to a gallon of water. After the tree has been in your home for a week or two, it will begin to take in additional water. This is also true if it was not freshly cut when you purchased it (i.e. a pre-cut tree). Make sure you keep water in the tree stand until it stops taking in water during the first few hours. This level of water should be maintained throughout the entire season so make sure you keep plenty of water in the tree stand at all times.

2. If you’ve purchased a pre-cut tree, make sure you refresh the tree before putting it in your home. You can do this by making a straight cut at the bottom of the tree, removing about 1 inch off the bottom of the tree.

3. Make sure your tree lights are maintained and turned off at night. While the tree is inevitably going to die, leaving the lights on will speed up the process. You can also use mini lights to slow down the drying out process.

4. Keep the room that your put your tree in at a cooler temperature. Trees prefer cooler temps, so turn your heat down when you can and consider placing your tree next to a window.

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