Ready to help your trees through the hot summer months? Here’s what you need to know!


We know that the sun is out and yard work may be calling, but planting new trees in the summer is generally a bad idea. If you haven’t planted your saplings by the time spring is over, you may not want to plant at all. You see, young trees freshly transplanted need lots of protection, nutrients and water. The hot and often low-water months of summer make for a very poor transplant window, and new trees may struggle to survive.


In general, you can fertilize in the summer, but do it carefully. If your trees seem to be faring poorly in the heat but they have plenty of water, then it may be time to boost your soil nutrients (again, this may be better in the spring, but we understand if you couldn’t make it outside). However, don’t try to use nitrogen-rich fertilizers to promote heavy growth. One, early summer is already a heavy growth period for trees, so they don’t need help with that. Two, heavy growth later on in summer will probably get ruined by the winter months.


Water well in summer – trees may need around 25 gallons of water per week to successfully grow during these months. This is particularly true of trees that have been planted within the last two years. They are still getting grounded and may need extra water to help them continue with healthy growth. However, you also need to avoid waterlogging your trees through too much moisture.


When tree trimming in Atlanta, summer deserves some special attention. If you want to control growth, then cut off the new growth that the tree gained in the spring to slow down photosynthesis and keep the tree from branching out too much. The leaves, flowers and fruit that summer can bring will also weigh down branches, showing you which are the weakest and most awkward – these branches can also go.

Watching for Problems

The heat of summer can also bring other dangers, including bugs and the risk of new diseases and molds. Keep a watch for annoying pests, aphids, leaf scale, chinch bugs and other problems. If you find signs of an infestation, you need to treat it right away. Contact Yellow Ribbon for all of your tree needs.