Keeping Your Trees Trimmed Can Keep Your Land SafeTrees with poor root systems, dead spots, dead limbs and disease can pose a hazard to your home and your land. The windy winter months can cause dead limbs to break and fall, and they can be damaging to whatever they hit. Small branches can cause damage, but larger limbs and trees can cause major destruction. Even healthy trees can have dead limbs and they need to be removed for your safety and the safety of your property.

Tree and Limb Removal

Small trees and shrubs can be maintained by most homeowners, but large trees, dead trees, dead limbs or diseased trees will require the help of a professional if you want them to be removed safely and correctly. Removal and trimming of large trees requires specialized equipment, knowledge and a professional crew. By thinning the canopy you will not only make your property safer, but you will also help your trees and other plants maintain their health by opening them up to more sunlight. Diseased trees should be removed so that their illness doesn’t spread to other trees.

Power service to your home can also be affected by trees that are growing too close to them and tree removal or trimming may be necessary so that they do not interfere with your electricity. Although power companies maintain power lines, you are responsible for pruning trees away from the power lines that are on your property. Atlanta has become notorious for winter ice storms, so checking your property for dead or diseased trees and dead limbs is an important action to take before the cold months of winter arrive.

Tree Specialists in Atlanta

Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts has been trimming and removing trees on Atlanta properties since 2006. We’re experts in the trimming and removal of trees and perform stump removal as well. If you have concerns about trees in your yard that might become a hazard to you and your property, contact us today for a free quote.