How fast do trees grow? Well, every tree is different – and how you plant them can make a big difference.

Tree Growth Explained

Just because tree growth happens too slowly to see doesn’t mean it’s not happening right now. Trees do a lot more than just put out new leaves – they also add new xylem and phloem vessels, layer by layer, in their trunks. Roots push their way down, bark grows and stretches to continue protecting the tree, and new tree rings are added. This typically occurs at a frenzied rate during spring and early summer – this is why it’s a good idea to plant new trees during this time, so they have time to develop new growth and grow acclimated to their new surroundings. Likewise, avoid removing trees and saplings during high growth periods.

All in the Tree

Asking how fast trees grow is a tricky question, because every tree has a different rate of growth. Some species grow so slowly that hundreds of years can pass buy with barely any noticeable changes (this helps trees survive in harsh environments). Other species are known for their swift, happy growth that has them quickly sprout into gangly saplings and then spread out into adult trees. The fastest growing trees tend to be water-loving broadleafs – if you are looking for quick results, then try out willow trees, poplars, sycamores and aspens. The river birch can grow by as much as two feet in a single year. During a high growth phase a dawn redwood can beat that score by growing as much as four feet in one year. The right type of poplars can grow by as many as eight feet in a year.

However, species is only one factor that controls how fast trees grow. The amount of sunlight trees get, the water they have access to and the nutrients in the soil all play an important role. When trees grow closely together, competition is also important – trees easily crowd each other out to find the best growing conditions.

The Best Environment

All right, lets talk about site conditions and maintenance. Research your trees and find out what they like prior to planting to encourage fast growth. The best conditions can have trees grow by around 25 feet in just 10 years, but they need rich soil and access to plenty of water (but not too much). Also, keep in mind that faster-growing trees tend to be weaker and more susceptible to diseases, while slower growing trees tend to be hardier in every way. If you want to learn more about what a specific tree needs to grow, contact a trusted Alpharetta tree service company today!