Severe weather is common in Atlanta, especially during the spring or fall. While there’s nothing quite as thrilling as a good thunderstorm, these events can also cause damage to your home in the form of fallen branches and trees. If you want to make sure your home is safe from harm, it’s a good idea to hire a tree removal service. However, if you’re worried about the cost of tree removal, a possible source for funding is your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Many homeowner’s insurance policies will cover maintenance tasks meant to prevent damage to the home and costly repairs. Learn more about how you can pay for tree removal through insurance and discover how to hire an Atlanta professional tree removal service.

Do You Need Tree Removal Service?

Before you consult your insurance policy to see if it will pay for tree removal, you should examine whether you need this service in the first place. Look at the area directly surrounding your home, paying attention to how close the trees in your yard are to your home. You should also look closely at your trees to see if they are structurally sound and if there are any dead or dying branches at risk of falling.

If you notice that the trees surrounding your home are susceptible to damage during a storm and might put your home at risk, you need to strongly consider hiring an Atlanta professional tree removal service.

Insurance Coverage for Tree Removal

Your insurance company might cover the costs of tree removal to prevent costly home damagesUnfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies will only cover tree removal after damage has already occurred. However, after a serious storm has happened, your homeowner’s insurance policy will likely pay for debris removal, repairs to your home and removal of fallen or damaged trees.

After a storm, has caused serious damage to the trees in your yard, or to your home, you should document the damage and then contact a tree removal service. With proper documentation of the damage and the costs of tree removal, your insurance company should pay for both your damages and tree removal.

Hire a Service Familiar with Insurance Companies

Although you may not realize it, many tree removal services are very familiar with dealing with insurance companies, particularly after a powerful Atlanta thunderstorm. When you hire a tree removal service to take care of storm damaged trees at your home, you should be sure to ask them if they are comfortable dealing with insurance companies and how successful they have been securing payments for their clients.

The right professional tree removal service can quickly remove your damaged trees and help make dealing with your insurance company easier than you might imagine.

Find an Atlanta Professional Tree Removal Service

After your home and the trees in your yard have experienced serious damage after an intense storm, you need to make sure you consult with a trusted local tree service. If you’re looking for a high-quality Atlanta professional tree removal service, look no further than the team at Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts.

Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts can examine the damage to your home after a storm and give you a free tree removal estimate that you can provide to your insurance company. Learn more about us and call us today at (770) 512-8733.