How much will it cost?Hiring a Tree Service

When hiring a Tree Service, price is the most variable factor. Removing trees from any property is different depending on the location, size and species of the tree, as well as other factors like weather and accessibility. Pine trees may take up less ground space than other species, but their height can make pricing difficult to predict. Larger trees with wide circumferences can take up more root space, which will also affect the price.


Part of doing your research involves getting quotes from multiple services so you can find the lowest possible price. The tree service with the lowest price is not always the best or most experienced, however. When finding quotes, you can get a feel for the way each company operates and the quality of their customer service.


Get an estimate early on. Having a company come down to the site and view the tree you want removed is a vital step. Dealing with a tree service solely via telephone puts you at the risk of paying more than you initially thought. When contractors come to your property to remove the tree before examining the area, they may come across additional barriers which can cost more than expected.

What kind of equipment do they use?

Having solid, reliable equipment is essential for a company to do their job properly. Serious harm can be done if a company does not have the correct equipment, or if what they have is unsafe or unreliable. A legitimate tree service will have the proper equipment that is necessary to do the job correctly and safely.

Hiring A Tree Service that is Insured

To protect yourself from potential liability if an accident occurs, make sure to get proof of insurance from whatever tree service you choose. General liability insurance will not cover everything. Though it may offer some protection should a tree fall on your house or damage other property, it won’t cover potential injuries incurred on the job or any accidents that happen with the service’s equipment. Make sure the company has worker’s compensation for its employees and automobile insurance for its vehicles.

Worker’s Compensation

If a worker falls or is seriously injured and the company does not have worker’s compensation, you could be responsible for the medial bills and losses associated with their recovery time.  Many services attempt to work around having to purchase worker’s compensation insurance, so look out for tricks and get proof of insurance before anyone comes onto your property.

How much experience does the service have?

There is little regulation for tree service companies and often people with little training in removing trees will set up businesses.  Never pay before a job is finished.  If you have questions or concerns about a tree located on your property, don’t hesitate to call Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts. We have to expertise and equipment to handle any size job.