Why You Should Keep Your Trees PrunedWhen most people hear about pruning trees and shrubs, they think of it as a practice to keep them from growing wild and taking over the yard, or to keep them looking pretty. The truth is, pruning is far more than that, though it is designed to use aesthetics, and it is also an important practice in maintaining the health and beauty of your plants.

Knowing how and when to prune is essential to keeping your trees healthy and happy. Read a guide to pruning trees and shrubs, including why, when, how and what to avoid, as well as knowing when to call in a professional Atlanta tree pruning service to help.

Why Pruning Trees and Shrubs Matters

There are a number of important reasons for pruning trees and shrubs. The most well-known is to promote the appearance of the plant, to control its shape and size, to keep it in proportion, to remove unwanted branches and growth and to keep it aesthetically pleasing.

There are other important reasons to prune trees, however. Removing dead, dying and diseased branches can protect the tree from further infection. It can encourage growth of fruit and flowers, maintain the tree, and can protect your property and visitors from hazards like falling branches, overhangs or overgrowth that can damage your siding, roofing and even electrical wires or block street signs and lights.

Knowing When and How to Prune

It’s vital to prune at the right time, and to use the right methods. Over-pruning your trees or cutting them at the wrong place can actually do great harm to your plants. Done properly, however, it’s the same sort of preventative maintenance that an annual checkup is with your doctor for your own health.

It’s best to start early, pruning from the time the plant is young, and to keep up with it. Be careful not to cut too far back or to cut back the leader, or the stem that grows vertically at the top of the trunk, unless there are multiple leaders and you are trying to promote single growth.

When to Call a Professional

If your tree is already established and in need of pruning, you’ll need to contact a professional with the right tools, knowledge and equipment to handle the job without damaging your trees or property. If you cut a branch back too far, you could damage the tree, harming its shape, growth and even health.

The right tree maintenance professional knows that different kinds of trees need different approaches to pruning and maintenance. They know that the age of the tree, its size, its growth pattern and more all contribute to the proper methods to keeping it shaped properly and maintaining its overall health.

If you have an established tree that is in need of trimming, or even a younger tree that you’re not sure how to approach, Yellow Ribbon Tree Experts in Atlanta can help. Read about our company and get in touch with us for more information or to schedule an appointment today!