Fruit trees are a delight to have in your garden throughout the year. They have beautiful blooms in spring, they are bright green throughout the summer, and in the fall, their fruit ripens into delicious and wholesome food for you and your family. However, our Roswell, Georgia tree trimming professionals note fall is also the time when your fruit trees will need the most maintenance.

Get Rid of Leftover Fruit

Once you’ve harvested the good fruit from your tree, you will need to harvest the bad. Pick up any rotting fruit at the base of your tree and remove any mummified fruit that is still left on your tree. You can either throw these bad fruits away or burn them.

While you are collecting these bad fruits, also stay on the lookout for leaves with black rot. Various forms of rot will stay in the ground if you allow the fruits and leaves they are on to fully decompose, and that can force you to call our Atlanta tree removal service before your beloved fruit tree’s natural lifespan is done.

Protect Your Tree from Winter Moths

Before the end of October, you will want to attach sticky grease bands to the trunk of your fruit tree. These will help to protect your tree from female winter moths, which like to lay their eggs in apple, pear, plum and cherry trees during the winter. Yellow Ribbon’s tree pros note that the grease bands will not stop the moths from laying their eggs, but they will keep the caterpillars from being able to crawl up the tree into the branches in the spring. If they are able to access the branches, these caterpillars will eat the blossoms and leaves your trees provide. You may also choose to spray your fruit tree for these moths before the blossoms open.

Plant Any New Fruit Trees

If you love your fruit tree, consider adding another during the fall. Our tree service in Atlanta has found fruit trees do best when planted in September and October, and they tend to flourish with other fruit trees nearby. Just make sure that you do your research on the tree’s full root size to keep from planting a tree that is too large for your garden.

Have Yellow Ribbon Check Your Trees’ Health

To ensure that your fruit trees are at their healthiest, we strongly encourage you to contact us and have our tree experts come and check them once a year. We will look for any signs of disease, rot or other issues, and we will help you to keep your tree healthy.