As a trusted company providing a variety of dependable tree services including safe tree removal, we have an abiding respect for our magnificent arboreal neighbors. Trees provide shelter and food not only for birds and small animals, but for humans as well. They are the lungs of the planet, helping to provide all life on earth with something they need in order to live – clean air. This is why their widespread destruction of trees is something that we will always oppose.

Hydraulic Fracturing

There is a relatively new process of natural gas extraction officially known as horizontal drilling coupled with hydraulic fracturing, more commonly referred to as fracking. It is a topic of contentious debate in environmental circles these days because of its adverse environmental impact.

At stake is the vast underground source of natural gas waiting to be tapped and used as an alternative to fossil fuel, which is fast dwindling. Experts say the estimated 1.3 trillion barrels of proven oil reserves in the world’s major oil fields is only sufficient to last for another 40 years at the current rate of consumption.

A Brief Description of the Process

Fracking is the process of injecting pressurized water, sand and chemicals into a rock formation for the purpose of releasing natural gas from ground. It requires an incredible amount of water – typically eight to 15 million liters. This huge volume, the composition of the fracking fluids, its storage and its disposal after the process have all been raised as legitimate concerns by fracking opponents.

Clear Evidence of Harm

Two years after chemical-laced wastewater was dispersed on a patch of land less than a half-acre in size, more than half of the trees in the dispersal area died. About 75,000 gallons of wastewater was dispersed on the site (the Fernow Experimental Forest) over a period of two days. This clearly indicates a need to study more closely and find improved ways to protect surface vegetation and nearby trees in the disposal of the wastewater from natural gas fracking.

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