Fall Tree Care Tips From Yellow RIbbon ExpertsThis and every fall you will need to make sure that your trees are ready for the winter months. You also need to take steps that will encourage growth in the springtime to keep your trees healthy. Before it gets too cool, head out into your yard to make sure that you trees remain happy and healthy with the following 4 tips.

Fall Tree Care Tips

  1. Fertilize in the fall. With the cold winters and the heat of the summer, trees tend to lose vital nutrients to the soil. To ensure that your trees get the nutrients back and allow them to continue feeding throughout the winter, use a fertilizer that is slow to release in order to replenish those nutrients and to improve the tree’s resistance to damage from the weather, insects and disease.
  2. Improve hydration. Fall is a great time to make sure that your trees get a lot of water before winter arrives. To ensure that they remain hydrated for the entire winter, soak their roots.
  3. Plant them in time. Some trees are known for shedding their leaves in the fall and then sprouting new leaves in the spring. However, fall is the optimal time for you to plant new trees. This is because the temperatures are cooler and there is less of a chance that the saplings will be stressed by getting scorched by the sun or suffer from high temperatures or drought. Trees that are newly planted get the opportunity to build their root mass while they prepare to be dormant in the winter.
  4. Get them ready for the cold. Winter comes right on the heels of fall, so you need to begin preparing for the inevitable colder temperatures. Any type of extreme when it comes to the weather poses a risk to your trees. If you need to, brace, cable and even prune them in time for the ice and snow.

By doing these things in the fall, you will be effectively protecting your trees for the winter weather ahead. If you need help trimming your trees, or need tree removal services in Atlanta, contact the arborists at Yellow Ribbon today.