planting in the fall

As the harsh and hot summer months come to an end, you may find dead or dying trees in your yard. Atlanta’s summer temperatures can be brutal on trees and require a lot of maintenance. Most people think that spring is the best season for planting and gardening, but they don’t realize fall planting is better for trees and shrubs. Some trees, when planted in the spring cannot survive the harsh summer environment. Planting in the fall is easier for your trees and allows them to grow at a healthier rate.

Three main reasons fall planting is better for trees and shrubs in Atlanta are because the fall:

  1. Stimulates Root GrowthThe warm soil and cooler air allows your newly planted trees and shrubs to grow a strong and healthy root system. Without a solid foundation, trees and plants cannot grow properly. A plant’s root system is used to distribute ground water to the rest of the tree. The development of a new or unestablished tree’s root system is very critical in the beginning months. A tree or shrub’s root system develops best under favorable weather conditions provided in the fall.
  2. Requires Less Watering & MaintenanceBecause the temperatures are cooler, your trees won’t need as much attention as they do in the spring and summer. The hot summer months make tree watering very difficult and limit the times tree watering is affective. Early mornings and late nights work best for tree watering in the summer, and this can interrupt your schedule. In the fall, you can water your trees at any time of the day, and not worry about wasting water from the hot air and evaporation. In addition, the favorable weather conditions maintain groundwater at a healthier level in the fall. This means you won’t have to check the soil’s moisture level as often as you do for new trees and shrubs in the summer.
  3. Provides Less Sun DamageIf you’ve ever gotten a sunburn during an Atlanta summer, you know it can be brutal. Imagine being in direct sunlight at all times of the day. This sunlight can be harmful to trees as well. If a tree does not receive the correct nutrients and water, the sun can damage a tree even more. Luckily, in the fall, the sunlight does not hit the earth directly. This allows trees to receive less sun damage. Sun damage can cause trees to lose their leaves early, resulting in other issues as well. Unhealthy trees need to be professionally trimmed or removed in order to protect your home and family.

Fall planting is best for your trees and shrubs. The cooler temperatures stimulate root growth, require less watering, and reduce sun damage. The summer can be brutal for the plants and trees in your yard. If you have any dead or dying trees around your home, you will want them promptly removed. An unhealthy tree can fall onto your home or vehicles, costing you lots of money and risking loved ones’ lives. Yellow Ribbon Tree Services in Atlanta is Georgia’s certified and most trusted tree removal company. Call us today for a free estimate. 770-512-8733